Why are there so many temples in India?

I asked the question to a wise young man in Pushkar, India, Pankaj Sarwadia. His illustrated answer is in this slideshow, which is not my best effort at these, but maybe the theme itself still leaves me grappling.

I must say, though, temple hopping, chasing, stopping, reflecting makes for a quite an interesting adventure. In fact during my trip to India, I wanted to do more, not less of it, to get dizzy, but instead I went to the desert in the end, which like being a dot on the water is more foreign habitat to me, but interesting as well in a survivability type of test.

Take me back to the jungle, I yelp, but no one misses a hushed step, or dubious whale sighting.

My favorite temple I should write about in another post. I did not take anything from that one, I just experienced and distantly communed through internal vibes. It was one of trance-like exorcism of sorts, to crazify the evil in one to the tilt,hoping to tilt back perhaps, or never stop spinning until something happens.

Notwithstanding that aside, let me stress Pankaj is a fine connoisseur of temples, and seems extremely wise, in what is perhaps a correlation of sorts.

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