Guinea's People Power Postponed, Justice Delayed

Unions in Guinea decided against resuming general strikes this week, postponing any action until the end of March, even though much of what they had thought they had gained in political power in Conakry with their point prime minister following his post-rioting appointment last year was never given away by President Lansana Conte, none so clearer now that the funds the prime minister started asking for from abroad, are starting to come in.

Nonetheless, there is what seems to me historically-entrenched union-based communal political consciousness in Guinea which I find extremely intriguing. There is also awareness now, and courage to express willingness for change, after years of mutism, even though there is wariness of unleashing more violence, just yet.

A much-awaited inquiry into violence from two years of repeatedly bloody, chaotic, traumatizing, burning and looting and being shot protests, has not gotten under way either. It took the government about nine months to name members of the commission, get them sworn-in and determine who is the president of such and such sub-committee.

Human rights activists are compiling their own records, collecting photographs, testimonies. It seems horrific how acts of frustration and levelling can be met with such brutal force, probably in this case mainly by the presidential guard and mercenaries from nearby, when a large rot is being shaken just a bit too much for its survivability.

This picture was not used by the website for which I work for, maybe it was too gruesome.

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