Dawn at the Golden Temple, Amritsar, India

This along with another temple to exorcise demons was my favorite during my brief December sojourn in India.

My favorite part is not on the video, taking shoes off and dipping them in water, before entering the temple.

It was before dawn, and very cold, but walking around and around on sharp marble in bare feet just heightens the experience so much more. So if you really want to experience this in a weird wasn't there way, take your shoes and socks off, and dip them in a cold porcelain bucket of water while you watch. Or don't! and go to the golden temple one day ....

Sikhism piqued my curiosity as well as it seems to combine values of hard work, the importance of family, discipline, a rejection of idol worship, and a non-anthropomorphic concept of god, where god has no gender, and is everywhere, if you look or feel closely enough ...


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