To Touba And Back, for the Death of the Mourides' Caliph

Photos, video and audio compliments of Jade Heilmann. Production and conceptuality, yours truly.

This one is a bit of a stretch. Cameras and videocameras were frowned upon in the holy city, Touba, built partly on Western Union money sent by followers who sell fake Gucci on paved streets of the developed world.

Jade was doubly frowned upon as she showed up sleeveless and wearing pants. The chanting is by Talibe kids who were sitting around in a circle inside Touba's Grand Mosque. The music in the car is Ivorian, which has nothing to do with Senegal.

Serigne Saliou Mbacke died in Touba, December 28th, 2007. During his life, he turned Touba into Senegal's second biggest city, expanded the Mouride's economic interests and became one of the country's most influential figures. Even President Abdoulaye Wade kissed his feet. The new caliph is Lamine Bara Mbacke Falilou.


Happy New Year!

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