Market Day In Mbirkilane

A friend who preceded me to Africa once gave me some good advice from a friend she met in the Gambia. He told her, "it's all about getting in tune with the movement of the market," or something akin to that.

Here's an audio video slideshow of a walk through on market day in Mbirkilane, central Senegal, in the country's peanut basin. Photos compliments once again of Jade Heilmann.

Audio video slideshows are a work in progress. What works? What doesn't? Especially if you didn't set out to do one with a story thread in the first place.

My previous post was justifiably critiqued by Jade's mom for lacking substance, having poor sound (the perils of wind), and too much dissynchronicity.

So I've tried to make this one even more jarring, in the spirit of third rate, and post-realization conceptualness, in the mode of not quite, but somewhat funky, with an underlying style, which is far from perfect, and searches the sharp, sunny, shiny, in your face and behind the corner. Nuff said. I am about to get on a plane away from Internet for a few weeks, so happy happys to all :)

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