Aarti at a Kali Temple in Northern India

And now begin some of my multimedia experiences scampered along a quick trip through fascinating India.

This shows part of an aarti being performed at sundown at a Kali temple in Pushkar, Rajasthan.

An aarti is performed several times daily to devote the highest love for a god, in this case Kali, seemingly a man-killer and figure of annihilation, but also a mother-goddess.

This more than 200-year-old temple has been run by the Sarwadia family for generations.

The elder Gurdhari hobbles from having fallen from a tree but never shuns spiritual upkeepings. His grandsons earnestly perform their duties as well.

Pushkar is strikingly beautiful, but also overrun by hedonistic tourists and money-obsessed flower priests.

In Hindu lore, the gods released a swan with a lotus in its beak, and where the lotus fell, Pushkar emerged with its beautiful lake, now partly degraded by pollution.

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