Audio Slideshow with Peggy O'Brien In Her Wonderful Quonnie Home

Meet Peggy, a wonderful woman of 88, who has been through a lot, and always perseveres with excellent spirit, resilience, humor, tact and generosity.

I caught up with her one rainy afternoon, two days ago, in her cozy cottage home in Rhode Island.

If you click on her nickname Peggy, you'll see her in photo action, sound and words. Just click on the bottom left hand corner in the new window and then boost your audio.

I used a new Zoom H2 recorder, which worked really nicely, but when I went back into soundslides to finetune the audio, it rejigged the pictures around for some reason, so I left the sound unedited, which in a way is more realistic, but in some parts harder to hear. That's also one of Peggy's biggest challenges, but as with many other obstacles in her life, she makes it as seamless as possible with a good story, a huge heart and a beautiful laugh.

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