Conversations with Kenny, Part II, The Paradox of Ultra Lights

While I recover from knee surgery away from the tropics, I continue conversations with Kenny. Part I about California dreaming from a couch in DC seems to have been well received, some found it funny in a bizarre way. There were complaints about the use of photos from the web, especially when blown up, they looked kinda bad. I thought that was part of the beginner's charm, the perpetual excuse of pseudo-artistic license. I also believe in the powers of uninhibited sharing in such pursuits, it's also a philosophy of life.

There were also complaints about the sound being too "hot", as I learn to use a new Zoom recorder, I've found you need to keep it quite a distance from any talker.

Without further ado, with many more self-produced pictures, here is Kenny again, spewing majestic and luminous ashes about the paradox of smoking ultra light cigarettes. Click on his name if you appreciate this type of entertainment. This one is about four minutes and should open automatically in your browser.

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