Conversation with John, a Corner Homeless Friend

John, a homeless former Marine, offers a friendly face and voice to many around the Tenleytown area of northwest DC. He often spends afternoons and evenings, sipping beer, smoking cigarettes, sitting on a stairway, chatting up passersby. He says he likes to meditate and read at night, but during the day he prefers to stay focused on his surroundings.

He says he is amazed at how many empty boxes people buy at the nearby Container store. In this slideshow, he talks about what he would do if he had Bill Gates kind of money.

Click on the word slideshow in the previous sentence or on the word John at the beginning of this post, and then click play in the bottom left hand corner in the new window. I am still having problems with my audio, but I believe John's wisdom and humanity shine through. John also says hi, and would love to talk if you are in the neighborhood.

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